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David Barry


It is fun to construct words such as the following. Most of them appear in the OED, and the descriptors in brackets are from what the OED says.

somewho (obsolete) - equivalent to 'someone' or 'somebody'.
somewhat - this is sometimes equivalent to 'something'. 1868 FREEMAN Norm. Conq. (1877) II. 88 He was also somewhat of a time-server.
somewhen (common in 19th century) - equivalent to 'sometime' or 'at sometime'.
somewhere - in use.
somewhy (rare) - equivalent to 'for some reason'.
somehow - in use.

anywho (not in OED) - equivalent to 'anyone'.
anywhat (obsolete) - equivalent to 'anything'.
anywhen (rare, but common in southern dialects) - equivalent to 'anytime' or 'at anytime'.
anywhere - in use.
anywhy (not in OED) - equivalent to 'for any reason'.
anyhow - in use.

Also, the OED lists the delightful 'somewhatly', which means 'somewhat' (obsolete and rare). c1425 St. Elizabeth of Spalbeck in Anglia VIII. 108 A whyte lynnen garnemente sumwhatly trailynge on {th}e erthe.
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