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A home for rare, interesting or misused words
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Modus Operandi: Posting Guidelines
Acceptable things to post include:

1. An old, rare, misused or interesting word and its definition. You should include some sort of pronunciation key and what type of word it is; if you're feeling generous, you can throw in an example of use. You may post as many words as you like, but after the fifth one, please put the rest under a cut. They must be English or English-adopted: this bit requires your good judgement. We accept all words, no matter how technical, medical, obscure or dated they are. However, we do not want neologisms that you just invented because you were bored.

2. An old, rare, misused or interesting grammatical structure and its use. Punctuation issues come under this heading. Some background information on the structure is always a bonus, but is not necessary. You may post as many as you like, but after the third, please put the rest under a cut.

3. An odd or interesting figure of speech is also something we'd like to hear about. The origins and common usage of the terms should generally be included in a post about this.

4. A question about grammar or a certain word’s usage is an acceptable post, but it would be nice if you could also throw in an interesting word – this is kind of like a handshake, or foreplay.

Modus Vivendi: Community Guidelines

1. Try to be polite and friendly, or at least weird enough that people will think you’re harmless. Specifically, we will tolerate nothing questioning the intelligence of others simply because they do not know as much about language as you do. We’re all here to learn, not to be insulted because we don’t have “steatitic” in our conversational vocabulary.

2. Discussions about words, grammar, and the English language are encouraged. Debate threads will almost certainly pop up, and when they do, please don’t let it degenerate into a slinging match. Do not, under any circumstances, go to a fellow poster’s livejournal and use the information there to insult them. This will result in certain bannination, although probably not permanently, because we’re so nice.

3. Netspeak, while cute, is not yet technically English – so, by extension, it is not the main language you will be posting in on this community. However, the odd “O rly?” does no harm at all.

4. Problems, questions, comments or giant blowouts over the merits of 'ironic' vs 'ironical'? These will be handled by the moderator, breakfastserial.She can be reached at r.meager@hotmail.com, or you can contact her at her livejournal.